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Nowadays the popularity of e-commerce is picking up speed rapidly. The number of online shoppers greatly increases. The Internet diminishes all possible borders, and people can buy goods in any store of the world.

Simultaneously the number of deceivers and frauds grows proportionally to the increased number of buyers. This fact causes the necessity to protect bargains by a third party that, on the one hand, give a guarantee to the seller that he will receive the payment for his goods, and, on the other hand, provides the buyer with the safety and confidence while buying goods online.

Global Trust Union INC. acts as such third party working for the benefit of both the seller and the buyer.

Using our services, as a seller you are sure to enjoy the following advantages:

  • you are indemnified from cheats of any kind,
  • there is 100% guarantee that you will receive your payment for the sold goods,
  • it is convenient to sell goods via an intermediary,
  • you may expand the database of your customers, etc.

As a buyer you will get such benefits:

  • you will get only those goods you like,
  • you will not have any troubles with paying for the goods you buy,
  • you can be not afraid of frauds,
  • we can help you to find stores selling goods at lower prices, etc.

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I like Global Trust Union more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier.Dave Moore
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