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Global Trust Union is a little known company working in the area of logistics and transaction guarantees. We have been working on the relevant market for almost five years. For this time we have proved ourselves to be a decent and serious contractor acting as a guarantor both for sellers and buyers.

Our business activity is based on the principles that have been developed and improved during the whole time of our business activity. At the present time they include:

  • Responsibility. We bear full responsibility for all our actions and deals. Ordering our services, you can feel confident about the quality of your transaction.
  • Reliability. We are reliable escrow agents who decently perform their obligations.
  • Objectivity. We act as a third party that is interested only in making square and correct bargains. We do not act as authorized representatives or personal agents of either sellers or buyers.
  • Short term of order processing. We do our best to perform our work within the shortest period of time possible. Your transaction is processed as soon as we get relevant reaction (funds, parcel, data, etc.) from either party of the transaction.
  • Reasonable price policy. Acting as a third party, we do our best to make a concession and fix moderate prices for our services. In addition, we have a special loyalty program. Becoming our loyal customer, you have a chance to pay less.

Our customers include buyers and sellers who want to secure their transactions and avoid possible problems and troubles related to e-commerce. Our company acts as a guarantor of transactions success.

Being a buyer, do you want to buy goods online without being afraid to be deceived?

Or do you want to avoid possible problems with your payment, goods return, etc. as a seller?

If you have given a positive answer, it is high time to start ordering our services!

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Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. If you aren't sure, always go for Global Trust Union.Brenda Hunter
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